1 day

Effective Leadership in Sweden

Get to grips with Swedish corporate culture

Learn how to get the best out of your employees

Communicate to gain results

Resolve conflicts

What exactly distinguishes corporate culture in Sweden? As a manager or leader, you need a solid understanding of the business climate you work in.

This seminar course offers a theoretical foundation and practical examples of the specifics you need within the Swedish business environment. It also sets out a model, enabling mangagers and leaders to obtain best performance as well as concrete tools when dealing with conflicts and tough conversations that must be confronted.

The seminar is aimed at those who are relatively new to management in Sweden.

How do you manage Sweden and the swedes?
How do you manage Sweden and the swedes?

Kursprogram - 1 day

The context of the leader

Cultural differences – the characteristics of Swedish business culture and how to be an effective manager within the corporate environment

Organisational culture – how you as a  leader can be an influence


Communication and handling conflicts

What is a conflict?

The emergence and development of conflict

How to resolve and manage conflicts in a Swedish context

Feedback for best performance

Feedback that leads the way forward

Effective approaches

Content and process of a dialogue