This is Företagsuniversitetet

No matter how successful you are in your professional field, there's always room for new ideas,
fresh perspectives and improved skills.

Företagsuniversitetet gives you the space to do just that. It's all about learning how you can be
that little bit better to boost your career even further.

We are one of Sweden's leading companies in the business of organising seminars and events
for professionals.

Every year 6 000 people walk through the doors of Företagsuniversitetet – and leave brimming
with innovative thinking and updated knowledge, ready to use the minute they return to the workplace.

Delegates benefit from meeting and sharing with professional peers while companies profit from
employees that return rejuvenated in their role.

Our programme offers more than 600 open and in-company events every year for professionals
from private industry as well as the public sector.

Choose from 130 seminar topics in the areas of



Human Resources

Finance and Accounting

Sales and Marketing

Customer Service

Security Mangement

We carefully select our speakers to ensure they naturally motivate and inspire. Our wide network includes
leading experts who practice what they preach and work specifically within their seminar area.

What's more, Företagsuniversitetet has a truly global reach. We bring over 20 years of experience in helping
professionals develop international competence through foreign language and business culture training.

Interested in learning more what we can do for you? Contact Marlene Berglund
on +46 8 600 62 00  or